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Life Systems is pleased to inform that a web-based ChiroPad Cloud application will be available for beta testing soon!

Please visit this site often to check on the update.

The transition from paper to EHR doesn’t have to be as complicated, costly and painful as it seams. ChiroPad Cloud - a web based EHR system is the ideal solution for every chiropractor's needs.

ChiroPad Cloud vs. ChiroPad on-premise

In ChiroPad cloud, practice’s data is stored on a secured external servers and can be accessed via the web, requiring only a computer with an Internet connection. Encrypted data is transfered between the browser on the local system to the external server over secured protocal. No costly server computers or backup storage and software are required at the office site. ChiroPad cloud could be accessed from any device, from anywhere that has a browser with internet connectivity.

On-premise systems store data generally in the practice's office, requiring a server computer and one or more client computers/tablets. ChiroPad has to be installed on the server computer as well as all the client computers. Thus access is restricted to the specific computer/tablet within the same network that hosts the server computer.

While in-house servers have traditionally been the norm, practices are increasingly switching to the cloud for a number of reasons.

1. Simple Implementation

EHR software runs on the web instead of the computer, meaning no hardware or software installation. Practices can prevent interruption of cash flow and get a faster return on investment with an implementation process much quicker than traditional client-server systems.

2. Huge savings in startup cost

Since cloud-based EHR requires no hardware installation or software licenses, there is no upfront cost to get started with ChiroPad cloud. Practices pay a small monthly fee for the software as a service (SaaS).

3. IT Resource requirements are reduced

All the installation maintenance and backup of the ChiroPad cloud software will be done internally by Life Systems Software team. If a computer/tablet stops working, just open ChiroPad cloud application from another device without having to install any software!

4. Always latest code

Updates are also done automatically in web-based systems behind the scene by Life Systems Software without any downtime at the practice , so practices are running on the most up-to-date version available.

5. Scalability

ChiroPad cloud application makes it easy to add new users, providers or locations at a fraction of a cost. The flexibility of web-based software allows small practices to think big and grow without breaking the bank.

Is ChiroPad Cloud EHR Safe?

ChiroPad cloud can actually deliver greater security than on premise systems and paper records. The application achieve HIPAA compliance through data centers with bank-level security and high-level encryption methods that render data unreadable — even if a security breach occurs. Cloud-based data is safer than paper and on premise records in the event of a natural disaster or fire because the data is backed up securely in multiple locations.

ChiroPad Cloud Features

Chiropad EMR is a Chiropractic SOAP notes software that generate dictation quality notes. Random text generation with 47 randomized grammatical depths means that every report has a dictated and unique feel to it.

Features 196 context-sensitive graphical anatomy regions, voice capture abilities using Dragon Medical dictation software, embedded ink notes, and document scanning so your office can move toward a paperless existence.

If you still do your SOAP notes documentation by hand, you're losing valuable time and energy with each patient. ChiroPad EMR allows you to focus on your patients--and not your pad and pen--during your important time with them. Reduce the time and headaches associated with SOAP note documentation.

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