ChiroPad covers the areas of SOAP notes that are essential to your practice, meeting the standards and requirements of Medicare and State Boards. By using ChiroPad, you will find your notes are more complete and more understandable.

It provides the ability to maintain many years of patient data on-line for instant retrieval, research, and audit. Any note that is entered in the system will always be ready for printing, either individually, as a group within a date range, or as a complete list from beginning to end.

ChiroPad provides you with particular ease whenever an attorney or insurance carrier requests your notes. Your response will be measured in minutes since the only thing that you will need to do is to print your notes. They will be neat, legible, and in clear English sentences. You will no longer need to pull out a file, translate your shorthand into English, or take the time to make copies.

ChiroPad is a very flexible. The user has the option of using the various buttons, features and functions in any sequence. One of the unique features of ChiroPad is that it provides the freedom to enter findings and information based on the practice instead of forcing doctors to follow a predetermined protocol. It is important to note that ChiroPad does not force the use of its various features and screens. Each doctor/provider uses only those features and screens that pertain to his/her own method of practice.

From the ChiroPad Front Desk double-click a patient’s name to open that patient’s file. When the patient’s file opens, the Icon bar changes to display the options available. If the patient’s name was in the Scheduled Column, the account is open and remains on the Front Desk window. This enables the user to select and go directly to any place in the system.