Indicate the care status, current progress, progress limitations, pre-existing contributions as well as a custom typewritten assessment. All verbiage is randomized and user-customizable.

Selecting Patients

Selecting patients in ChiroPad EMR is easy. You can select them by typing a few characters of their last name.

For example, to choose "John Jones", you might type "jon/j" and press .

You can also sign in and choose patients from the appointment book. (Of course, the appointments are fully integrated throughout your network with ChiroOffice.

Patient Diagnosis

Adding a diagnosis is easy. Select the ID below, or the ICD below, and you'll get a drop-down list so you can choose diagnoses.

But there's more. ChiroPad EMR uses date & time "stamps" such that you have the entire diagnosis history available to you. You'll know the diagnosis description and when each diagnosis changed throughout the history of the patient.

Press the "binocular" button to search for diagnosis "patterns" for inserting common diagnosis sets.

Press the button to automatically generate your note at any time.